Large-format posters Chemnitz AUGUSTE - The 81 m² giant poster in the city center

Large billboards in Chemnitz - AUGUSTE: 81 m² advertising space for 2025

Maximum visibility at the AUGUSTE location during the mega event "European Capital of Culture 2025"

Discover the ideal location for your large-format posters in Chemnitz - AUGUSTE. This 81 square meter advertising space is located in the vibrant center of Chemnitz, where the major event European Capital of Culture 2025 will be celebrated in 2025, and promises outstanding visibility for your advertising. Every day, this central point attracts thousands of people and vehicles, which increases the attention for your billboard enormously.

An advertising location with a wide range of possibilities

AUGUSTE is the perfect location for a wide range of advertising objectives. Whether for local businesses, cultural events or large-scale marketing campaigns, this location offers a unique opportunity to showcase your brand effectively. In a city that is already expecting an influx of tourists in 2024, take the opportunity to make a lasting impression with large-scale posters in Chemnitz and beyond.

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